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Pelting Rainstorm Original Short Boots by Hunter



Pelting Rainstorm Original Short Boots by Hunter



Believe it or not, there is actually no other brand adequate to manufacturing rain boots that can resist potent weather conditions. Hunter is the brand that has sufficed a pure caoutchouc rubber short boot distinguished as Original Short. Here we will discourse some elaborated lineaments of our champion. This style utilizes ten inch high shaft with fifteen inch high circumference. It weighs one pound and nine ounces on the scale when you take the size six. The heel height neither magniloquent nor inadequate but of the veracious size which is 3/4 inches. This merchandise has not been crafted in United States, but imported. For your cognition, the company have particularly postulated its customers not to get disquieted by witnessing a white wax film on the surface of the rubber. It only appears when it is queered in extremum temperatures or temp vacillations. This corporeal defends the boot from annihilating and it is not a blemish. Such substance can be wiped off with a wettish cloth.

Its sole is made of innate rubber. To supercharge the appealingness, its equipped with cosmetic buckle. It is advocated not to pull it as a usance when wearing. Its insole is softened with the assistance of poly-layers. The delineating is made of thermoplastic polyamide which can dry out speedily. The face of the shaft features Hunter signature logo. The rubber used is treated by a chemical or physical process to improve its attributes. Walk on mud, run in pelting rainstorm, slide on snow, this boot knows no bounds.


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Customer Reviews

Grace T from Los Angeles, California
4 Stars
These are great rain boots. I have weak feet, which limits what I feel comfortable in, but I was able to wear these all day with no problems. The natural rubber feels like swoosh underfoot and still gives great traction both to my feet and the soles of the boots. Although I bought them to wear at work (stable hand) in the rain/mud, they have become my favorite shoes to wear whenever and wherever it's wet. Other reviewers mentioned the sizes run small, but I did not find that to be the case. I ordered using the European sizing system.

Micky from San Diego, CA

I am a 7 1/2 in sneakers and ordered a 7 in the Hunter rain boot. It fit perfectly! I even added the official socks into them and my feet fit the boots like a glove. The red is deeper than the picture shows, which I love. I walked around all day in these boots and not only did I get many compliments but my feet were very relaxed. They deliver immediately. I ordered Wednesday night and received them Friday morning. As long as you order your correct size, you will love them.

Becca from Los Angeles, California

After scouring the internet for the perfect pair of rain boots to save me from the ridiculous California rain, I saw these and initially thought it was highway robbery to pay over this much for rain boots! (especially when you live in California and it rarely rains) I decided to splurge and these literally saved me from soggy socks, shoes, and jeans. They kept me dry and for once, I didn't mind going out in the rain. They're fairly comfortable, slightly on the heavy side, but are adorable with most anything you wear. They are a little tough to get off however. I usually holler to my husband to help me get them off.

Anima from Pa

These are the perfect boot! For some reason the glossy boot fits much better than the matte colors. I take a size 7 in almost all shoes. On rare occasions I take a 6.5. However, the 38 (US 7) was way too big. The size 37 (US 6) were actually the perfect size for me! (I know that seems very confusing.) To put it simply, if you take between a 6.5 and a 7, I'd definitely recommend getting the size 6 in this boot. I absolutely love these boots. They're well worth the money!

Qianna from florida

I chose the Hunters for our holiday trip to North Carolina, thinking they are a timeless style that could outlive several years - plus they look cute! They were perfect. I jumped in icy cold creeks and marched through very deep snow. Great! I did not get the warm welly's and certainly could've used them - worth the extra bucks. I will definitely need them and purchase for any future snowy adventures. The gloss sheen has held up very well and still look as good as new. But I can see how if you used it an entire season, it might start to look dull. I think I'll use these for years to come and even on rainy days here in hurricane Florida. They are totally waterproof. I got my exact shoe size (not larger or smaller) - they fit perfect. I have slightly wide feet, but never need wide shoes normally. I did not try them with welly's yet, but seems there is enough room that it won't be any problem. My skinny jeans fit for a crisp look and my wider legged jeans fit in just fine for a more rugged look. Fashionably fabulous. I was looking at Ugg's too, but their soft outer material would not last more than a day in any serious mud or slushy snow. They were great and I love them, even just seeing them in my closet makes me happy.

Susi from San Francisco, CA

I too agonized over the purchase of rainboots at this price, so they were a gift from my mom for Christmas! Of course I tried them on at the store - black, original gloss - 1st so I knew that if I wanted to wear any socks (and trust me you do) you must go a 1/2 size up. I am 7.5 in dress shoes, and 8 in all other. I went with the 8, easier to remove that way too vs. guy at store helping me pull the more snug size 7's off, no thanks. I bought a pair of zebra print wellies, also size 8 (they will feel roomy) because if you wear little bootie socks beneath the wellies or all by themselves, you'll be fine vs. going a size smaller (7 in my case) and feeling claustrophobic with socks. They look gorgeous (as far as rainboots go)...very sleek and match with everything. Worn over skinny pants easily if you have small-med sized calves...I could see how larger calves could have a problem. Also my mom ordered them the day before they arrived, quick and free shipping, awesome! Now just hoping it rains more often.

Ryna from Washington, DC

I got these for my mom for her birthday, and she loves them. She's usually a 6.5, and the 6 fits her perfectly. I tried them on too, and the sole is so cushy! They aren't too shiny - just right. She wore them out on a slushy day recently, and an older gentleman commented that he used to have the same boots that he wore to work in a steel mill. Fashion meets function!

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